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Axess has spun off a new company and moved 25 people over to a separate legal entity that will use all their energy on developing products and delivering services. Alpa will challenge the market with effective solutions that will make their customers businesses easier, and safer. Gunnar Gjeldvik, CEO of Alpa shares his view on the new company and the future.

The Axess expertise is deeply rooted in the industrial environment around Romsdalsfjorden, evolving from the early 1900s. Historically, this environment has been, and still is a leader in innovative solutions within shipbuilding, marine propulsion systems and material handling equipment.

Axess has since 2000 expanded to become a market leader within the area of control and certification of cranes and lifting equipment and is currently the largest service provider in Norway. This position is achieved through our broad expertise within crane- and lifting appliances.The challenge we have experienced through our growth was that some of our departments were hidden among the 14 different services Axess has to offer. Thus, one of the main reasons for establishing Alpa, was to differentiate Axess’ activities within verification and certification, and Alpa’s focus on modification, new design and product development. I believe that both companies will improve by separating these units. This gives us the ability to focus on what we do best. It is all about bringing the quality of our products and services to a new level. Both companies will collaborate on several projects, and with the core of former Axess employees, it is natural to transfer the successful performance culture from Axess to Alpa.


For us it is important from the incorporation of the company to create a clear identity and a way of thinking that will bring out the best in every engineer working in Alpa. We strive for simplicity as a solution to every complex challenge. It’s easy to make things bigger and more complex. We will have the courage to move in the opposite direction.

Alpa will focus on material handling methods based on our personnels passion for finding safe and efficient solutions for our clients. The Alpa team have simplicity as their main goal for every product. We are constantly challenging ourselves in how to obtain the best and safest functionality, with minimum complexity in the end product. Our experience gives us deep insight in drilling operations, and we focus on every part of material handling from shore to rotary.

“We strive for simplicity as a solution to every complex challenge. It’s easy to make things bigger and more complex. It takes insight and courage to move in the opposite direction.”

Bright Future

In the long run, I believe that the future of our business is bright. The low oil prices challenge us as we speak, but it has been a continuous growth within the oil business during the last ten years. History proves that a correction is wise, to achieve a necessary cool down in the market. This gives us a chance to bring our core business on a track prepared for the future of the oil and gas industry.

In Alpa, we will focus to build a service-minded culture putting the client needs in front. We will strive to respond and to deliver before or on time, every time. Keywords are “ready to use, solutions which are safe, easy to operate and maintain, machines with high-reliability components and design”. Our mission is to bring forward good solutions from the client need, to installed, commissioned and certified projects. Focus on project management, documentation, cost and communication is essential for us when building Alpa.

If we go back 10 years, the oil price was considerably lower than now and the activity level was far lower. So if we can deliver high quality, cost-efficient solutions, I think the future is bright and brings a lot of possibilities.

Our customers have more and more equipment that increases the complexity of every operation. We want to listen to our customers’ thoughts for the future and actively take part in making the next generation of solutions. The way material handling will be operated in the future is part of a constant evolution. One of the keys to lower costs is the ability to simplify solutions that will lead to efficiency without compromising safety. We believe the timing is right to give our highly competent material handling department necessary focus and resources to exploit the market potential.

We have already made a lot of different solutions for offshore cranes, BOP cranes, Riser cranes, Pipe handling cranes and Riser pull in winches, to name a few.

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