Alpa: Load Recorder

We can probably never fulfill the desire for eternal life of a crane. However, we can assist in assuring that operations are conducted in a safe manner and provide a longer operating life for each crane.

The load analyzer, Alpa Load Recorder, was fully developed in 2012 and since its inception has seen a growing demand within the market. This analyzer is probably the most complete online analyzer in the market. It delivers black box functionality, a complete history over performed lifts and a lifetime calculator available directly on the display. Maintenance schedule calendar is also available as an option. All this can be integrated with the control system in a PLC or delivered as an independent system.

Alpa Load recorder

Life extension

One of the major advantages of the system is lifetime monitoring that goes down to the component level in a crane, such as gears, pumps, motors etc. You can have full control over all lift operations made during the operation life of the crane, and have control of the load distribution on the structure and machinery. There is a maintenance calendar system based on equipment load or operational hours in addition to a regular calendar which is based on maintenance intervals. All this enables customers to do thorough ongoing analysis of the need for maintenance at any time, prolonging the operational life of the crane.

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