Åsgard A: Advanced overhaul of a 120 ton riser pull in winch

The riser pull in winch at Åsgard A had been unused since 1997 and needed to be overhauled to be able to contribute to increased production at the FPSO. In limited time, Axess delivered quality and demonstrated complementary competence, making this project a success.

Increased production

The Axess contract deals with the Åsgard Subsea Compression Topside Modifications project on both Åsgard A and B. The overall objective is electrical supply to Åsgard Subsea compression units, encompassing subsea equipment such as compressors and pumps, and as a result increases the production capacity.

The overhaul of the riser pull in winch was a part of the Åsgard Subsea Compression Topside Modification Project, which Aker Solutions has for Statoil. Axess’ scope was to evaluate the winch, perform a full service and prepare it for operation. The winch is used to pull in and release risers and an upgrade of this system was necessary to enable Åsgard A to increase its production capacity.

First we conducted a survey of the equipment and made a detailed scope of the overhaul. El motors, Hydraulic, motors, pumps and valves etc. were dismantled and sent to overhaul onshore. The parts went through service and returned to the FPSO. We used component suppliers and partners on factory overhaul and own employees offshore, says Johan Martin Gaupseth, project leader in Axess.

From start to finish

The project involved complicated lifting operations and special adapted procedures, which demanded close cooperation between several departments in the company. That is one of the benefits for both Axess and its customers. Axess has the competence to contribute in all phases. The company’s engineering competence on hydraulics, mechanics, electro, lifting operations, access technique and delivering service personnel/winch operators and competent persons, who followed the whole process, has been a success factor.

Our customers should know that by involving Axess, they get a partner who can take responsibility for processes from start to finish. We’re not simply a provider of services. We are a partner who contributes to long term value for our customers and reduces the number of mobilisations, says Stian Blø, Service Manager for cranes in Axess.

Close cooperation

In this project, Axess had eight engineers involved at different stages, who have worked closely with the customer, Aker Solutions. Working during the winter has been challenging due to bad weather. At the same time, the project was accelerated as it was decided to start riser pull in operations earlier than first planned.

Our response time was short, but we have a great network of partners who deliver in short time. We figured out solutions along the way both on the scope and technical challenges. For example, a safety tool called carpenter stopper was mobilised in conjunction with riser pull in, which lacked proper procedures and documentation. The solution was that we made new procedures, performed extensive testing and made new documentation to get it approved. Lack of time must not be at the expense of quality, although it is challenging to solve within the framework provided in the regulations, says Blø.

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