DROPS inspection

What is DROPS Management System?

It is a systematic approach to prevent dropped objects and enables you to demonstrate control of the work that is being done to stop dropped objects. 
The deliveries will always be custom made for our clients. A typical delivery would be:

Managing document
  • Summarize the inspection program
  • Describes all routines, actions, references etc. regarding DROPS at the rig
  • Contains an overview of inspection zones
DROPS field manuals
  • Used by personnel inspecting
  • Easy to use and easy to understand using illustrations
  • Picture of items to be inspected
  • Are filled in during inspection and archived
  • Directly linked to the manuals
  • Fewer dropped objects
  • Coordinate all the efforts made to prevent dropped objects by the crew and Axess DROPS inspection
  • Document the efforts made to prevent dropped objects
  • Demonstrate control of the situation for the operator and/or authorities