Photo: Terje Aamodt

In Axess, we develop and improve by continuously measuring our performance related to a set of Key Performance Indicators. We simply ensure customer satisfaction.

Our goal is zero harm:

  • No personal injuries 
  • No occupational illnesses 
  • No harmful or unintended spills to the environment 
  • No damage to material assets or financial losses 

All accidents can be prevented when:

We are considerate

  • We create a good working environment and contribute to sustainable development
  • We consider the consequences before we act

We take on responsibility as a team

  • We engage in each other’s safety
  • We dare to tell

We communicate well

  • We communicate job expectations and risk elements
  • We avoid misunderstandings because we are open, precise and listen actively

We are enterprising

  • We know that our colleagues are an irreplaceable resource
  • We invest in HSE because it’s worthwhile

We strive for continuous improvements

  • We are observant and learn from every assignment
  • We search for the right solutions and share experiences

We keep deadlines

  • We plan well
  • We ensure that our time limits allow us to work safely


  • HSE is a vital part of the project planning in Axess. HSE plans, work packages and risk assessments help us to provide a high-quality service to our clients without causing any harm.

HSE contract

All external personnel sign an HSE contract when they start working for us. The HSE contract involves obligations for both parties, and is an important element in building a common, strong HSE culture.

Assessing risks

Safety is about knowledge – the difference is knowing what you are doing. Our employees are trained to assess risk both during work operations and in their spare time.

personal development

In Axess we believe that being part of a company of experts and a motivating environment, stimulates learning and personal development. This also promotes a good working environment. That is why we have developed the Axess Competence Centre.