Revolutionising tank inspections with advanced technology

Using technology to enhance value for asset owners and maximise the potential of assets

Client: Global renewable energy company              
Industry: Infrastructure
Asset: Fuel tank for district heating local hub
Location: Norway
Year: 2023


The client was in the process of transitioning from conventional diesel to eco-friendly biodiesel, derived from renewable sources like plants and crops. As part of this transition, they needed to assess the current state of the tank to ensure that it was in operationally good condition before commencing the biofuel filling process.

Recognising the importance of regulatory compliance, Axess’ QC team in Norway was entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the cleaning process and executing inspection activities. The latter was carried out in accordance with the Norwegian DSB’s regulatory requirements for atmospheric storage tanks as well as recognised norms.


The cleaning process employed high-pressure water jetting, which is a highly-effective method. Pressurised water was used to thoroughly clean and remove any contaminants, debris, or deposits from the tank’s interior surfaces, ensuring that there were no substances that could potentially interfere with applied techniques for inspection.

Subsequently, a thorough assessment of the tank was conducted to guarantee its structural integrity. This assessment involved the utilisation of advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) floorscan technology to scan the tank floor. This method provided a detailed analysis of its surface condition and detected any potential issues such as defects or thickness irregularities due to corrosion.

Furthermore, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the tank’s three-dimensional structure and integrity, a state-of-the-art laser scanner was employed. Utilising this technology enabled the creation of a precise 3D scan of the entire tank, offering a detailed and accurate representation of its shape and structural components which was later evaluated. The scan could also aid the production of construction drawings that are either missing or need to be updated due to larger repairs or modifications.

Axess employee inspecting the tank using FloormapX
(Photo: Axess employee inspecting the tank using FloormapX)


The examination of MFL scans and the analysis of the 3D scan data yielded evidence of the tank’s structural integrity.

The successful results of the inspection provided the client with the assurance needed to continue using the tank. This outcome not only upheld stringent regulatory compliance but also safeguarded the client’s operational continuity and financial resources by avoiding substantial modifications or tank replacement.

“For us at Axess, being technology-driven is a commitment to enhancing value for asset owners, and to maximise the potential of their assets. As one of the few companies in Norway equipped with an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge equipment and a skilled workforce, we ensure that tank inspections are executed with unparalleled efficiency and quality,” Øystein Aamo, Department Director – QC at Axess Group said.

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