Axess Singapore: Remote inspection improves efficiency

Tapping on digitalisation to continue delivering excellence during the COVID-19 pandemic

Client: Leading Solutions Provider
Oil & Gas
Asset: Large Accommodation Vessel
Location: Asia
Year: 2020/21


The client required inspection of the pressure vessels on its Floating Accommodation Unit, prior to sailing. However, as it was set to sail from Asia to Namibia within just a few days, there was insufficient time for Axess’ Senior Engineer in Brazil to go onboard, since he had to serve a mandatory 14-day quarantine as part of COVID-19 regulations.


To circumvent this issue, Axess Singapore mobilised a local inspector at short notice and arranged for the Senior Engineer to conduct remote inspection from the office/his home. This was made possible due to Axess’ global presence.

“Despite the travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic, our ability to mobilise at short notice, while maintaining quality standards, further cements our position as a strategic partner to our customers, by helping them achieve their business objectives,” said Ricardo Freire, Operations Director of APAC at Axess Group.

A hands-free, voice-controlled wearable device was provided to the inspector to bring on board, for him to stream audiovisuals and collaborate with the Senior Engineer in real-time. The Senior Engineer then utilised his expertise to guide the inspector and successfully performed the remote inspection.

Example of how the device is worn
(Photo: Example of how the device is worn)


By conducting the inspection remotely, Axess not only limited disruptions to our client’s operations, but also helped them achieve time and cost-efficiency. Moreover, avoiding the flight from Brazil to Asia contributed to Axess’ goal of reducing carbon emissions.

“Our remote survey solution is governed by Axess’ strong focus on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), thus ensuring the highest levels of safety, integrity and reliability,” Ricardo added. “We have a dedicated team of experts who are able to provide remote support to clients worldwide.”

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