Successful installation of Alpa Crane Control System

Axess Technologies (formerly Alpa) has successfully upgraded the control systems of two offshore cranes on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) for a large international oil company. The old OEM control systems were replaced with the new Alpa Crane Control System (ACCS-1500) with integrated Condition Monitoring System.

The cranes are over 25 years old, and although they are still structurally sound, the control systems’ functionality has become obsolete and the spare parts are now unavailable.

The ACCS-1500 control system offers increased adaptability to new or existing offshore cranes. Its modular design allows for efficient customization for various crane designs and user preferences. The system offers flexible integration, from smaller material handling cranes to more advanced offshore cranes and subsea AHC-cranes.

Gunnar Gjeldvik, CEO at Alpa, commented: “Replacing the aging cranes with a completely new crane system is not cost-effective. As a rule of thumb, the offshore replacement service is at least 3-4 times the cost the crane itself. Replacing the control system and modifying the existing crane to fulfill today’s safety and functionality requirements makes more financial sense than investing in a completely new crane system.

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