Axess Group gears up to meet on- and offshore wind energy demands

The wind energy sector continues to grow, driven by the fact that the economics of wind as an energy source has become far more robust, and it is today one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation in several markets. An additional driver is the ongoing transition from fossil fuel to non-hydrocarbon-based energy sources, which is evident in many countries around the world.

The overall wind energy capacity installed worldwide has reached 597 GW by the end of 2018, and a total of 50 GW was added in that year alone. Of this, onshore wind is by far the dominant part, but offshore wind is now increasing in speed as new projects are under development throughout the world. In areas with deeper coastal waters, such as Norway and Japan, floating offshore wind is emerging as a viable option, using offshore technology and associated project execution methodologies. In addition to the turbine suppliers, developers, and marine contractors, an industry is developing to service the offshore wind parks. This includes, but is not limited to, installation vessels, crew boats, various support vessels, as well as shore bases and related infrastructure.

Due to the nature of the wind energy construction business, with strict weather criteria and the fact that both turbine size and park size (number of turbines per park) continue to grow, efficiency and streamlined project execution is key to project success. Long and complex transport routes, i.e., transporting large components to remote locations, calls for attention to detail, from proper planning to commissioning.

Building on extensive and broad experience from oil and gas projects (on- and offshore) across the globe, Axess Group is experiencing an increasing demand for its services and products from the wind energy industry. Having executed many projects and successfully built relations with key players in the wind industry, Axess has established a separate business unit to meet the demand and further develop its service offering. The new unit was launched on 1 July 2019 and is headed by Mr. Christian Nerland, working out of Oslo, Norway.

Christian Nerland
(Photo: Christian Nerland was appointed as the Director of Renewable Markets and Advisory Services)

“I truly enjoy being back in the wind energy business as it is evident that we have great opportunities ahead of us, both in the on- and offshore spaces. Given our broad capabilities, local presence around the world, and high focus on client satisfaction, all being trademarks of Axess Group, we are looking forward to taking on ever more responsibility in projects and make our contribution to this fast-paced industry. Wind energy is a key contributor in the global endeavour to reach the objectives in the Paris Climate Agreement and the market also offers rewarding work for our employees,” explained Christian Nerland, Director of Renewable Markets and Advisory Services.

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