Axess Group Celebrates 20 Years of Integrity Management and Engineering Services

What started with two passionate employees working out of Molde, Norway led to a large team of professionals, operating globally. Today, with 14 international offices, Axess Group has established a unique profile within the offshore oil and gas service industry and is proudly celebrating its 20 years of delivering excellent asset integrity management and engineering solutions.

Founded by Børge Gjeldvik and Andreas Mørland as ‘Axess AS’ in September 1998, the company initially provided offshore in-service inspection services to oil and gas companies in Norway. While in-service inspection remains a part of the Group’s operations even today, Axess has evolved its breadth and depth of services and products to cover a much wider field, catering for a much more diverse market.

From being a local supplier to the offshore and energy industries in Norway, Axess followed its customers’ activities, leading to unprecedented international growth.  With our offices in Norway, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, Singapore, Busan, Cape Town, Aberdeen, Ghana and St. John’s, we support our clients’ offshore and onshore projects to ensure we meet their expectations. More entities will be opened soon in other energy hubs to further reach and support our clients’ activities –wherever they are.

Over the last two decades, Axess Group has been an important partner to over 300 offshore installations worldwide, delivering asset integrity management services, engineering design, material handling technology, and advisory services. In 2018, we have started offering integrated services to the marine industry, as well as diversified into the renewable energy market.

Axess staff at Monstad

Innovation through digitalisation

Axess started to digitalise all deliveries in 2012 by establishing the software platform Axess Bridgeᵀᴹ, in response to the evolving energy market. Bridgeᵀᴹ is a web-based application that increases Axess’ service efficiency by optimising our inspection and reporting procedures, which in turn add value to our customers.

This digital platform helps our engineers deliver fast, and accurate reporting in the web-based application, which helps operators and asset owners make well-informed strategic decisions regarding the integrity of their assets. Not only does Bridgeᵀᴹ optimise our work processes, all the data from the inspection activities of our clients are also gathered for future data mining—a valuable tool for deep insight on business risk management.

Axess Group also contributes to value creation by heavily investing in research and strategic development projects that contribute to sustainable innovation. One of our initiatives include machine learning for evaluation of external and internal surface conditions of corroded process equipment. We leverage technological advances such as non-destructive inspection methods and image recognition devices as well as software to increase efficiency and data quality.

The year 2018 saw Axess expand capabilities and tackle new industries. Despite the recent oil downturn, Axess stands firm and will be around for many years to come. Here’s a summary of our key milestones in the last 20 years:

Axess Group Milestone Timeline

Axess Group consists of professional engineers, technicians, consultants and project managers who deliver world-class asset integrity solutions, high-quality HSE services and in-depth technical advisory, all based on extensive experience, and engineering ingenuity for the Energy industries.

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