Axess Group successfully implements DROPS Management Strategy to Canadian client

Axess Group has completed a Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) baseline survey and rectification of faults on an offshore oil platform operated by a major oil and gas producer in Canada, to alleviate the risks of dropped objects and improve the installation’s HSE compliance. Fifteen personnel were mobilised during the 2-month project early this year and over 500 customised DROPS field manuals were delivered to the client in September 2017.

Due to the scale of the project and the limited time window due to impending weather conditions, Axess were required to bring in extra resources and closing items to complete the job within the client’s timeframe. Sea ice hampered the progress and created operational downtime by preventing supplies and personnel reaching the platform. Despite the conditions, Axess successfully implemented the DROPS inspection program, with thousands of lock nuts and securing wires installed on the platform.

Stephen Hamlyn, Axess Baffin’s Principal Engineer, said: “This project is important to our entity as it has increased our local market presence, being recognised as the premier DROPS Management and Inspection company in Eastern Canada. We have gained significant revenue and experiences, pulling in resources from our Norway, Houston, and South Africa offices.”

At Axess Group, we have established a track record as a DROPS Integrity Management partner for leading oil and gas operators globally. For further information on how our we can foster a safe working environment free from dropped objects, contact us or email [email protected].

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