Axess Worldwide: Houston

A promise to a key client, that Axess would be present in Houston to serve them when they arrived in the Gulf of Mexico, led to the establishment of an office in the energy capital of the world.

The process of setting up office and getting the business running was a project Axess approached with great respect. They formed a strategy to be present with local offices in the main hubs of the global oil and gas industry. Fortunately, their promise to one of their global key clients led to a fast establishment of the office in Houston. With growth of 50% last year combined with strong feedback from their clients, show that Axess’ presence has been well received in the North American market.

Due to the current downturn in the oil and gas market, competitive and predictable cost have become more important than ever before. “When we combine our planning capabilities, tools and experience gained from integrity management contracts and projects on more than 300 different offshore units, we can deliver predictable costs. At the same time we can deliver the quality that we know our clients are depending on” says Jostein Tverdal, MD at Axess Houston.

Jostein Tverdal recently relocated from the Axess headquarters in Norway to Houston. He has served in several positions within the Axess Group from the last eight years, and is now taking on his biggest challenge so far. “We have solid in-house competence here in Houston and a broad client base. We are optimistic about the future, but also highly focused on staying relevant and competitive. At the present time we are developing a new unit delivering advisory services, which will be launched later this year. Challenging times certainly dictates good and smart solutions. We’re keeping our heads cool and our long-term targets in sight”, says Tverdal.

Total Rig Integrity Management (TRIM)

Axess has developed TRIM, Total Rig Integrity Management – an approach that has positioned them as a trustworthy company, delivering consistently over time. TRIM is challenging the traditional way of running an integrity management process.

The two main pillars of the concept are the cost optimizing of the integrity management process by taking advantage of service synergy effects, and safeguard against asset failures by maintaining safety barrier functions.

These pillars then result in ensuring compliance with current statutory, class and company requirements. “On a practical level, Axess has incorporated the use of risk-based methodology and when this is combined with known baseline conditions, we can utilize our system tools to ensure efficient inspections and a functioning integrity management process. Over time, we provide our clients with valuable knowledge and trends when it comes to the status and condition of their assets. The reports we deliver ensure that clients have the documentation they need to make the correct decisions and remain compliant. This way, we save cost for our clients”, says Tverdal.

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