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Zhongwei Yang

Zhongwei Yang

Project Engineer

“The past one year in Molde had been an eventful one for me – one filled with many exciting firsts both in my work and personal life. “

How it started

I was a subsea design engineer based in Singapore looking for an opportunity for offshore work experience as I believe that it would give my work a different dimension. I was also looking for more challenges to take on at work. I chanced upon Axess and made arrangements for an interview. At that point in time my knowledge of the company was pretty limited and to prepare myself for the interview, I had tried to search for its profile on the internet – turns out Axess is a pretty quiet company! There was very brief information on the homepage coupled with an image of a person in the midst of a ski jump and the caption ‘passion in life – passion at work’. Nevertheless, after speaking with Axess, they had me convinced and I took my big leap of faith for an adventure to Molde. On hindsight, it was a life-changing and one of the best decisions I had ever made.

At work with the best and talented

I can vividly recall my first day in Axess. First thing I was asked the moment I stepped into the reception was: “Hi! Do you know how to ski? Are you a climber? If you are not, then you have to learn!” (We later joked that we should include this in all our interviews for new hires and I should start a scuba diving culture back home in Singapore office). While some might be intimidated by such an encounter, Axess is truly an epitome of competitive spirit and striving for excellence. It is clearly shown from the high level of service that Axess delivers to their clients every day.

Axess: “We like to hire competent people who are smarter and better than us; then we will all become smarter and better!” Having said that, I’m humbled and honored to work with the highly brilliant minds and extremely talented people in the Axess family. I have learned a lot from my colleagues and have grown a lot both personally and knowledge wise in my time spent in Molde.

Beyond work

Living in Molde gave me a nice treat to the beautiful mountains and fjords. Thanks to my colleagues’ generous hospitality, I had the opportunity to experience the Norwegian life and culture which I probably wouldn’t get otherwise (trekking up skåla, tasting svele/ smalahove/ aquavit). Free time was spent chilling out or making dinner together with colleagues from different parts of the globe. Camaraderie was forged and I also gained valuable insight and perspectives from various cultures.

Moving forward

I’m looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead and hopefully I can bring and spread the Axess culture here in Asia.

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