USA – Norway and back

Kevin Davenport

Kevin Davenport

International Trainee

Main work areas: Drilling Equipment & Dropped Object Prevention

“My name is Kevin and I am the American trainee. July 4th marked 1 year since I left Houston; set for Molde on the mountainous western coast of Norway. Molde became my temporary home and base of operations, but my job has sent me many places in the last year – from the UK to the island of Curacao in the Caribbean (and back to Houston a few times).”

How it started

I graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering in May 2013 from Texas A&M University. At the Aggie career fair I had encountered a few Axess engineers manning a booth, I traded a resume for a business card there, and my hiring process began. Once I learned the details of the assignment I was interviewing for, my mind was made up. International travel and hands on experience were on top of my list of priorities, and the international trainee assignment promised to meet these expectations and more. Bags were being packed before I signed on the dotted line.

Figure it out

Learning a new industry and a new country at the same time was an exciting challenge; in a month I had gone from learning rocket science in Texas, to offshore drilling in the North Sea. Luckily the two industries have something in common (Texas and the North Sea… don’t). Both industries have, which from my experiences, are some of the most difficult problems and complex solutions that engineering has to offer.

The transition was as smooth as it could have been though; thanks to the brilliant and hardworking people I have been able to work side-by-side with, and my unconditionally supportive family sending hot sauce packages across the Atlantic. I have had the opportunity here to make new friends, and learn from them. I continue to have this opportunity on a daily basis, and I’m grateful.

Keep moving

The time spent offshore with Axess has been the highlight of my working days. Every day can present a new challenge, and you never know what you’re going to get, or what part of the world you’ll be in when the month ends. The lifestyle has been demanding but the rewards are great, as Churchill said: difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

Looking forward to the next project, the next rig, and the next year.

Thanks, Gig ‘em, and Skål.

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