Building International competence

Axess is putting at a lot of effort into building competence internationally, and developing new talents. The Axess International Trainee Program is an important part of this strategy. This year, four young talents from Norway, USA, Singapore and Brazil started their challenging adventure in the company.

During the next three years, Maris, Zhongwei, Kevin and Felipe will go through an exciting development program to get to know Axess and the company’s way of working.

The training will involve all necessary courses for offshore travel, rope access work, work leadership training, project management training, training in derrick integrity management and dropped object management and several offshore travels in Norwegian and International waters.

The International Trainee Program is important to us in order to exchange competence between our locations and build a common Axess culture world-wide. After the training period, they will be evaluated and we will arrange job tasks according to personal skills and ambitions. Managing positions will be possible for the right candidates, says HR- director in Axess, Lene Vahaugvik Avset.

The trainees will spend the first year in Molde at the head office, before going to one of Axess’ International locations in Rio de Janeiro, Houston or Singapore.

I didn’t know anything about Axess. Some friends recommended the company. The profile was interesting and I am not disappointed. I am convinced that I will meet more challenges than I can imagine, however that is precisely what I found most interesting. I’m really looking forward to this, says Marius.

Zhongwei from Singapore has moved into his new home for the coming year, and is eager to get to know the company and Molde better.

I’ve been walking around here a lot and had a look. I like what I’m seeing. I still haven’t been at the viewing point at Varden, but it’s placed on the top of my “to do list”, says Zhongwei.

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