Flare Tip Replacement

Efficient replacement of flare tips with a focus on safety
Flare tip replacements are necessary to ensure safe operations and minimise downtime. Axess Group offers cost-effective flare tip replacement solutions to clients worldwide, with a focus on safety.
We understand that every project can have its constraints, thus, we will assess the context and advise on a solution that best fits, be it using a helicopter or mechanical-operated lifting appliance.

What we offer


We offer specially equipped helicopters to replace flare tips for both fixed and floating assets, such as Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), semi-submersible rigs, Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) and Tension Leg Platform (TLP).

With a maximum lifting capacity of 4,500kg, we use a long line to lift the flare tip from the helicopter. Our innovative guide and locking systems help to ensure that the process is a safe one. This method promises an exceptionally short shutdown duration, saving costs for clients.


In comparison, the mechanical method requires a longer shutdown duration.

We offer an autonomous and safe flare tip handling method using various mechanical-operated lifting appliances. Constructed with lightweight and high-grade aluminium, these lifting appliances can handle loads ranging from 100 kg to 10 ton and reach where conventional cranes have difficulty accessing.

Operated by winches from the main deck level, they are suited for use on fixed platforms and floaters. Prior to project execution, the multi-discipline team will devise lift plans and develop a method statement, structural calculation report as well as a 3D model of the step-by-step execution.

The flare tip can be brought back to the main deck of the asset, or alternatively, directly lifted to a supply vessel. Since we perform the lifting from the asset itself, we can precisely calculate the load and take the necessary precautions to safely guide and secure it throughout the process. This also reduces downtime.

It is not just about lowering the old flare tip and lifting the new one. We also offer complementary services such as structural inspections and repairs or additional installation works of pilot/steam/ignition lines, junction boxes and Aircraft Warning Lights (AWLs), in order for the flare to function efficiently.

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