Drilling Contractors

West Navigator Derrick
Photo: Terje Aamodt


Axess has served drilling contractors since the beginning of the company. Today, we are the market leader for inspection and integrity management solutions in Norway and we have an international footprint serving about 90 rigs annually.

Our strength is our cost-effective inspection programs combined with strong field competence, communication and planning skills. We strive to assist our client to continue to improve and close findings to reach the highest level of quality. 

Safe lifting operations

Axess has special expertise in planning and execution of rigging and lifting operations. Through proper method selection, planning and execution with experienced personnel, we ensure a safe and efficient offshore installation. read more

Material handling SOLUTIONS

Material Handling includes all activities related to transportation of objects on board. Axess is specialized in development of material handling plans, studies and other material handling issues, due to our crane and lifting competence and broad experience. read more

DROPS & derrick inspections

Axess inspects and corrects potential dropped objects on rigs. We also provide clients with state of the art DROPS manuals to keep the worksite a safe place to work. read more

Crane Maintenance modification and replacement

Axess is a complete provider of services related to crane maintenance, modification and replacement with a long track record. read more

Risk based inspection for drlilling rigs

For drilling rigs Axess performs:
  • Long term integrity management
  • RBI analysis and inspection programs
  • Inspection on pressurized systems
  • SPS replacement scope
  • Corrosion management
  • Vibration/fatigue analysis

Lifting and drilling equipment certification

Axess provides the drilling sector with highly competent inspectors. We provide 5 year class certification, annual surveys and advisory services.
read more

Electro services

Our team consists of multi skilled  and  experienced Ex and electro electricians with Rope  Access Technicians certificate (RAT), PLC Engineers, thermographic Inspectors and specialists in generator, motor and slip ring maintenance. read more