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Eddyfi LYFT: Axess Group’s new breakthrough CUI technology acquisition

Axess Eddyfi LYFT

Axess Group has successfully rolled out the use of LYFTTM, Eddyfi’s advanced Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) solution, to increase its ability to verify the integrity of our client’s assets.

Axess is proud to be the first company to introduce the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system in Norway, following a successful trial at Statoil’s Tjeldbergodden methanol plant in December 2016.

Unlike the traditional PEC solution, LYFTTM addresses the corrosion under insulation (CUI) using an electromagnetic method for measuring wall thickness (up to 65mm) of piping, vessels and structure through insulation of up to 200mm. This high-performance technology features real-time C-scan imaging, fast data acquisition of up to 15 readings per second, less than one second grid-mapping speed, and up to 75mm per second dynamic scanning speed.

Costs of inspection of pressurized equipment are substantially reduced as LYFTTM inspection eliminates insulation removal, requires less scaffolding, and less manpower. It also is suitable for inspection of hull and bulk heads, tanks, and other loadbearing structures, allowing for faster and more accurate estimation of wall thickness, without needing heavy cleaning in advance.

Understanding the difficulty of managing CUI in the oil and energy industry, Axess Group has invested in the LYFTTM system to complement our asset integrity and offshore engineering solutions offered to clients. As a part of our services or as an NDT method.

Ole-Erich Haas, Axess Group’s Service Manager, said: “LYFTTM is a game changer in the industry. We will integrate this advanced technology to our range of engineering, inspection and consulting services where practical, and help our customers to save time, money and reduce risk all at once.”