Inspection Software

Photo: Terje Aamodt


Axess Bridge™, a web application developed by Axess Group's own software division, is a system used by inspectors, equipment owners and suppliers ,which contributes to increased efficiency in all the working processes related to inspection and asset integrity management. It consists of several modules complimentary to different Axess services. It functions as Axess’ tool to perform work on and offshore, report findings, manage documents and more. Axess Bridge™ provides our employees and clients a user-friendly web interface where all Axess related work is located.

Axess Bridge_Interface

Each client has their own tailor-made interface, where extracted and aggregated data from across different modules and services are presented. This is also the case for people with different roles. Axess Bridge™ uses email as username and users manage their password as in most other sign-in based software.

™ consists of MHP™ (Material Handling Plan), Equip™ (Lifting Equipment Certification), and Projects™. Read on to learn how each module creates value for our clients.

MHP (Material Handling Plan)

MHP™ is an application used to simplify material handling documentation. For the Norwegian sector, new rules and regulations require that all items over 25kg, which is expected to be moved during the lifetime of an installation, needs a dedicated material handling plan. This implies several thousand items with dedicated material handling plans each.

MHP™ stores and organizes all these plans and makes them readily available for a user through a search function. In addition, it makes the material handling base line work more streamlined and efficient. Providing material handling plans easily available, not only allows for a safe way to handle the equipment at hand, it also ensures efficiency when changing out equipment.

Equip (Lifting Equipment Certification)

Equip™ is a system our customers use to keep and demonstrate control of lifting equipment. Axess employees use the system to perform efficient and paperless inspections. With the use of Equip, Axess inspectors perform the periodical inspection in the system, with full traceability and history. This way, all certificates are structured and intuitive to locate for end users. Critical information from the Equip web application will typically be published on the individual client’s Axess Bridge™ interface, and reported to external client systems. This provides the clients with a good overview of the status of the installations at hand.

The Equip module can be utilized even when offline. This feature, called “local mode”, is developed based on HTML5 standards and the Microsoft Sync Framework. This allows inspectors to bring the system into the field and perform inspections even without internet connection. Synchronization of all data will resume when internet connection is restored.

Projects and Search

Projects™ and Search are default modules in Axess Bridge™. Projects are where all project documentation will be available for customers to view and download. All documentation will be searchable (including text within a document) through the Search Module. 

We typically release a new update every second week based on user feedback to improve existing solutions. In addition, we are continuously working on new modules to improve our services. Watch out for the new modules in the near future. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Innovation Team for more information.